South Lexington Civic

The South Lexington Civic Association (Lexington, Massachusetts) has focused on preserving attractive living conditions in the southern area of Lexington since the mid 1950's. At that time, there was pressure to rezone the area along Route 2 near Spring Street for a regional shopping mall. The change would have greatly affected the character of the area and created extensive traffic problems.

Since then, our nonprofit volunteer organization has aimed to help maintain and improve the quality of life in South Lexington for its residents and to protect against inappropriate commercial development.

We're primarily concerned with the area bounded by Waltham on the south and Marrett Road on the north, encompassing most of Precinct 3 and part of Precinct 9. We support our area before town boards and commissions.

SLCA's Annual Meeting is open to all members of the community and is usually held in February.

Members providing an email address will receive 2-4 emails per year with general information. Members wishing more frequent updates and additional information can join the SLCA Yahoo Groups list. To join, send email to " slca 'at' slca-lexington 'dot' org" but FIRST please be sure to convert the address to standard email address format (put "slca" in the blanks of "". Our apologies for disguising the email address like this, but it helps us avoid spam.)

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