South Lexington Civic

Development Projects Currently or Recently of Interest to SLCA


· Avalon Bay, the current owner of the Lexington Ridge apartment development on Waltham Street, was selected through a Massachusetts state bidding process to develop the Metropolitan State Hospital property bordering Belmont at the east end of Concord Avenue. Their development proposal was approved by Town Meeting as Articles 12 &13. Our Q&A regarding this proposal can be found here. The most current details and proposal documents can be found here on Lexington’s web site.

· Patriot Partners' proposal to rezone the former Raytheon corporate headquarters on Spring Street from CRO and RO to CD was approved by Town Meeting with the support of SLCA. The site has been named  Lexington Technology Park. Our Q&A regarding this proposal can be found here. Details and current documents can be found here on Lexington’s web site. They are currently proposing to add 270,000 sq. ft. to the existing 361,000 sq. ft. space. The total resulting space will be within the 0.15 FAR (Floor Area Ratio) standard for the area. Patriot Partners has completed a traffic study estimating the impact of the proposed expansion, and SLCA is working cooperatively with the developers on a number of issues related to this development, including traffic mitigation.

· Brookhaven plans to add 11 assisted living units, reconfigure 7 semi-private skilled nursing beds to 14 private beds, and make changes and improvements to their common areas and wellness center, including adding a swimming pool. The cost of the improvements and expansion will be offset by fees obtained from the new residents entering 41 proposed new independent living units. These 41 new units represent an increase of 23% in the number of those units. Details and documents can be found here on Lexington’s web site.

· Lexington and Waltham are cooperating to attempt to influence development plans for the Middlesex County Hospital property which was transferred to state ownership following Middlesex County's bankruptcy.

· SLCA worked with developers Spaulding & Slye Colliers to develop an appropriate alternative to previously proposed plans for the Hayden Woods development at 55 Hayden Avenue which had been opposed by SLCA and rejected down by Town Meeting. The revised plans, which reduced the proposed impervious surface area and brought drainage up to current best practices, were supported by SLCA and unanimously approved by Town Meeting. See Involvement in the Development Process.

· SLCA opposed the proposed rezoning of the Ledgemont property at the corner of Hayden Avenue and Spring Street submitted to Town Meeting in 2003. The proposed development would have increased the Floor Area Ratio for the property to .32, including existing residential property proposed for rezoning. The article was opposed by Lexington's Planning Board and Board of Selectmen, and was withdrawn by the developer before reaching a vote at Town Meeting.

· SLCA worked with Lexington town management to develop alternatives to signal lights at five intersections in South Lexington thereby retaining the area's unique character.