South Lexington CivicAssociation

A comprehensive Q&A regarding Avalon Bay's proposed development at Met State was prepared by the SLCA Executive Board and distributed at the annual meeting in February. It was published in the Lexington Minuteman on March 4th, where it can be found HERE.

IMPORTANT New information obtained since the publication of the first Q&A:

Revised answer to "Q. How far is the town currently short of its 10% affordable housing target under 40B?":

A. Lexington's current affordable housing deficit is 331 units (NOT 367 units as we initially thought), calculated at the time of the most recent US Census as mandated by Section 40B. Building 331 units now would meet the town's 40B targets through the year 2011 when the next US Census is reported. After 2011, when the US Census recounts the total number of Lexington households, the target would increase to 10 percent of Lexington households at that time, which would likely put the deficit above 367 units if no new 40B units have been added.

Revised answer to "Q. How many units is AvalonBay proposing to develop at Met State?"

A. 387. See the document 04-12-04 Mitigation.pdf for the latest info.

New questions:

Q. If the project is developed as proposed, what percentage of Lexington's housing units counted toward the 40B target will be in Precinct 3:

A. 49% of Lexington's estimated  1,183  40B housing units will be in just one precinct, Precinct Three.

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